Monthly Archives: November 2014

Raising Awareness

Recently I was given an incredible opportunity to participate in a media tour celebrating World Prematurity Day. I conducted close to 30 media interviews to discuss the topic of premature births, and a dangerous infection called Respiratory Syncytial Virus and my family’s personal experience.

Unfortunately, none of the interviews were aired on radio stations and tv stations in my part of the universe, and due to copyright and infringement, technical legal stuff, I cannot repost my campaigns on my social media.  I am kind of bummed about that, but in a way, sometimes you don’t have to make a loud noise to make a big impact.  My media tour reached thousands of families across the US.  As they were not interviews that were all about me, I had to give a very abbreviated version of our experience with giving birth to pre-term twins and all the challenges they faced and decisions we have had to make.

The thing that struck me was that my children were born more than a decade ago, but my story is still relevant.  I never thought that our story was unimportant, just that it was old news.  And I think that is a large reason why I have kind of neglected my blog.

But doing this media tour, raising awareness and reliving some of these really personal memories has given me a new breath of air to continue what I started.

If for no one else, at some point, when they are older, I would like to think that my children would like to know their story.  And why their mom has tried to educate her family and others.