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Don’t Judge This Book

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“I give you so much credit.”

“You are like Super Woman (Super Mom)”

Ummm, no.  I am not any of the above.  Not even close. When I hear people, friends, family, say this to me, I just want to be so honest with them.

Hey, do you want to hear how I cried yesterday.  I cried hard.  I cried over hamburgers.

The night before any of her procedures, my daughter gets to pick her favorite dinner.  She wants to fill up her tummy with her favorite dinner because she knows that after midnight she isn’t allowed to eat or drink anything until her procedure is done.

But even after the procedure is done, the anesthesia leaves her feeling nauseous and fills her belly with air, so she usually isn’t too hungry.  And then the post surgical antibiotic and steroid upsets her tummy.  So in short, the last meal before her procedure has to be yummy because she won’t have much of an appetite for several days following.

All she wanted was my “delicious homemade hamburgers with bacon” and the usual side fixings, mac ‘n cheese and a vegetable.  Simple right?

It would have been simple if she had a stay at home mom.  Or at least an “I can leave work early” kind of a mom.  But no.  Instead, she has a mom who couldn’t leave work early when the school nurse called to say that her daughter was in so much pain that she couldn’t walk and finish out her day.  Luckily, she has an awesome grandfather who was able to get to the school in record time to pick her up and get her home and resting comfortably.

She has a mom who was sobbing at her desk, and in the car on her way home from work, and again before falling asleep, all because she couldn’t leave early to take care of her baby girl who was in pain; and couldn’t get home early and make her daughter’s favorite meal because she had too much to do before taking off 2 days from work so she can stay in the hospital with her daughter while she undergoes her procedure.

She has a great dad who ordered burgers from the best burger joint in town, only to be cooked by a new chef who burned the burgers…to a crisp.  And just like that her pre-surgery dinner was a disaster.  But then it was saved by a trip to the local ice cream shop.

Ice cream for dinner!

She has a mom who loves her children so much, and tries so hard to make their difficult life easier that when things don’t go right, this mom feels like she failed her children.

So no, I am not that special.  I am not anyone’s super hero.  I am not someone who gets it all done.

I am someone who is Just. Like. You.